Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted on Wednesday that the government will soon be starting home delivery of diesel and petrol, adding that consumers can place their order online.

The oil minister, at the India Mobile Congress event on Wednesday, said that all petroleum products will now be available on e-commerce platforms.
As of now, there has been no announcement on which website the consumer can place his or her order from and what the restrictions are for ordering fuel online.”We have already got permission to do that. When I presented the idea, a lot of people were sceptical, and now it is becoming a reality,” Pradhan said.
Earlier, the Indian Oil Corporation had said they will launch the diesel home delivery within two months. Oil marketing companies have been waiting for clearances for their products from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation.
However, this innovation of home delivering diesel has already been taken up by the Bengaluru startup MyPetrolPump. The startup delivers diesel at selected areas of the city to the residents who order or pre-book refuelling at any time.

The idea to home-deliver fuel is to reduce congestion at fuel pumps and thereby save people’s time.