Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in India embodying the victory of Ram over Ravana in the battle of Lanka. In some parts of India, this festival is also celebrated as Durgotsava depicting the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon, Mahishasura. Either ways, the 10-day festivities essentially embody the victory of good over evil. Be it the might of Ravana or the arrogance of Mahishasura, it was evil that had to be destroyed and God almighty had to incarnate to destroy it.

For an investor, the festival of Dussehra is to look at the evil within. It could have a variety of interpretations. It could be the loopholes in your strategy, the wrongs in your portfolio, or an incorrect approach to investing per se.

Let us look at six key investment ideas that investors can take from the essence of Dussehra celebrations. If you take the Ramayana as a test case, there are lessons for investors from the approach of Lord Rama and even from Ravana.1539747440-6221